"Studis" English

Bulka’s memoirs from lockdown

Adolfina ZAIDĖ

Hello, my name is Bulka. My home is the streets of Tbilisi, but usually you can find me near the restaurants in the old town. Here I often get some tasty snacks and pets from strangers. 

Like all the street dogs I have my favorite people. I can smell them even from far and get ready to be a good girl. It isn’t hard to read humans. Especially one blond guy who passes the old town every day. He adores when I wag my tail and lower my ears. And I adore his hands and how elaborately he can use them to scratch my back, ears or belly. Ooof.

Nevertheless, sometimes belly scratchers act in a strange, inexplicable way. Once in a while they find themselves some random wooden stick and throw it 10 meters asking “Where is the stick?” You really can’t see? “Go get me the stick!” Okay, weirdo. I was always amazed what a bad eyesight and logicality people have. Why throw something away if you need to search for it afterwards. And this far so iIt’s hard to see where it fell. It is a bliss that in such moments I am right there to help them. 

These days I feel blue ‘cause streets are almost empty. Everything around: shops, cafes, restaurants are not working. Humans just went somewhere! There is only one scenario I can think of – all of them are searching for their wooden sticks. If that’s true, without me they are lost ‘cause they’re too blind to find anything. My mission – find all the lost sticks and bring themit to people. 

Problem is – I have only one mouth. So I’m gonna pick any stick and try to search for it’s owner on the street. Man, for such a sacrifice I deserve at least a slab of juicy meat. 

Okay. I found one. Let’s show it to somebody and get some pets! There, a human. Look what I got for you. Not yours? Oh well. What about you? Come on, take the damn stick. Walking like you don’t care. I know what you are searching for. Look, I got it right here. 

Wait. Do I smell the blond guy? Stick almost fell out of my mouth. I run towards the smell and there he goes! Wearing some kind of strange muzzle on his face. But still my man. He approaches me and I notice my tail is wagging already. I feel so heroic bringing his stick to him. Hopefully his. He takes it! And throws it away?! What the hell Blondie? I just gave it to you. Nevermind that stick. I sit next to Blond and enjoy his company. He looks at one point somewhere forward and says:

“World will never be like it was, Bulka. People are afraid. They are afraid even of you now.”

What the hell is he talking about? Why should people be afraid of me? He keeps talking:

“Humanity went too far. We caused so many awful tragedies to mother earth and now it takes a revenge on us,” he sighs and looks right into my eyes, “maybe it is time to do something unselfish. Do you want to see what my home looks like?” 

If you have snacks there – I’m up for that! He pats me on head and says:

“We are going to shower you first.”

What? Flower me first? I like flowers.

While we walk I think about what he said and understand that I don’t understand anything. Sometimes people are so complicated. 

One I know – I am going home with my favorite human and can’t help myself wagging the tail all the time. 

Everything is going to be just fine.