Darko Malinovski: “I did not experience a cultural shock in Lithuania“

"Studis" English


If you talked to someone who has been abroad with “Erasmus+”, you would hear a bunch of exciting phrases, motivating you to do it too. I can say I am one of those people – after coming back from a semester in Cyprus I am still full of powerful experiences and reflections. One of many things it gave me is openness to foreigners here, in Lithuania. I know what it means to be in a place with no familiar faces, where everyone talks in a weird language, in such environment any friendly contact with the locals is important. This spring semester back in Kaunas I had an opposite situation, I became friends with Darko Malinovski – an “Erasmus+” student from North Macedonia. Since Darko is very easy-going and open to sharing his experiences, I decided that I want to share some of his thoughts with you.