Bulka’s memoirs from lockdown

"Studis" English

Adolfina ZAIDĖ

Hello, my name is Bulka. My home is the streets of Tbilisi, but usually you can find me near the restaurants in the old town. Here I often get some tasty snacks and pets from strangers. 

Like all the street dogs I have my favorite people. I can smell them even from far and get ready to be a good girl. It isn’t hard to read humans. Especially one blond guy who passes the old town every day. He adores when I wag my tail and lower my ears. And I adore his hands and how elaborately he can use them to scratch my back, ears or belly. Ooof.

ERASMUS+:  “Christmas and New Year in Lithuania”

"Studis" English, Aktualijos


As some of the most beautiful holidays of the year are approaching, there is no avoidance of the Christmas rush and the thought of “How are we going to celebrate these holidays?”

Some of us are in a hurry to pull out the hidden Christmas decorations, others are constantly preoccupied with the list of gifts, and the third ones are making plans for the holiday. But how do those plans look like when you have to eat Christmas lunch a few hundred miles from your home and watch New Year’s fireworks in another country? “Erasmus +” students Alua Konuspay and Marion Moll are sharing their thoughts on what it is like to wait and celebrate holidays in other countries.