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"Studis" English

Kindness = Happiness?

Viktoriia SLYVKA Have you ever thought of kindness as a tool for being happy? I had not until last semester when I took a course in ‘Positive Psychology’ in our lovely Vytautas Magnus University. Actually, this course changed me somehow. The main idea of it was to understand the phenomenon of a happy life and …

"Studis" English

How is it to be multilingual?

Viktoriia Slyvka I have come up with the word multilingualism quite recently, and actually, I have not paid attention to it immediately. But the point is that exactly this word has been related to my life since my childhood. So, when I started thinking more seriously about this topic, I realized that I want to …

"Studis" English

Sofi Tukker

Marija RADIŠAUSKAITĖ | Ieva ZINOVIČIŪTĖ Sofi Tukker  is a New York-based musical duo consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern. They released an EP, Soft Animals on July 8, 2016. To date, they have released the works “Drinkee”, “Matadora” and “Hey Lion”.